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Pocketknife Presents: EXTRA ALCHEMY

Released October 2012
Happy Halloween from Wilde Calm! The darker days of the year are here again and as the leaves fall in the woods, the bonfires are lit for warmth and ritual; a new installment of the EXTRA ALCHEMY series. A collection of witched-out radiophonics, pagan pop, mystical dance tunes, and haunted sound collages to set the mood. As usual for EXTRA ALCHEMY no soundtracks were used, just murky gurgling tunes pulled from the darkness and mixed on a set of turntables. Check for a few original tunes in the mix from Pocketknife under some mysterious monikers.
Pocketknife "Damaja Intro"
Broadcast and The Focus Group
"What I Saw"
Susuma Yakota
"Secret Garden"
Religious Knives
"Adam (Pocketknife Mix)"
Demdike Stare
Six Organs Of Admittance
"Tukulti Will Burn (Pocketknife's Uprising Remix)"
Ghost Note
"Pissed and Passed Out"
Quiet Village
"Desperate Hours"
Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice
"I Am The One I Am (Pocketknife's Spirited Remix)"
Demdike Stare
"Bardo Thodol"
Dead Man's Bones
"Lose Your Soul" Loop
Mount Vernon Arts Lab
"The Black Drop"
Broadcast and The Focus Group
"A Seancing Song"
LA Vampires & Zola Jesus
"Searching (Pocketknife Mix)"
"A Visit From Drum (Pocketknife's großer Kessel Remix)"
Pink Skull
"Circling BWI"
Sian Alice Group
"October's Piano"
"No Shore"